Alisa Lohmani

Business Unit Head-Outsourcing Services

Khun Alisa has been with PRTR since 2008 and is a key senior manager within the Outsourcing division, with her current role as HR Client Services Division Manager. Alisa started her career with PRTR as a Project Manager and in 2011 was promoted to Senior Key Account Manager, overseeing the management of several key outsourcing contracts. In 2012, Alisa was promoted to Division Manager-HR Client Services before a further promotion to BU Head-HR Client Services in July 2013. Alisa graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Srinakarin Wirot University in 1998 before her further studies took her to King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, majoring in a Master of Science in Electronic Business in 2007. Her prior work includes working in Human Resources and as an Educational Consultant for the private and educational sectors.