Campus Recruitment Services Thailand


The war for talent is personified in no better way than when it comes to recruiting the best graduates. Competition is fierce and millennial’s decision-making more multidimensional. How can your company stand out from the crowd?

The planning, organization and execution of Campus Recruitment has traditionally consumed a lot of our clients’ time and manpower. With our experienced team, our clients can focus on their core business while keeping their cost low.

PRTR has been providing campus recruitment for over 10 years and can provide end to end solutions to help promote your company as an employer of choice and seduce the best graduate talents.  

We also have an extensive background in organizing and executing Open House recruitment events and ‘Walk-in’ interview programs.

We help our clients from start to finish in promoting, advising and managing the whole event saving our clients time and money by carrying out the event in a more efficient and experienced manner.

To learn more about our Campus Recruitment services and process please contact us today.