Database Recruitment

When speed comes with quality.

Our Database recruitment service 
is suited for junior to mid-level management positions and

continues to be the backbone for PRTR Group’s continued growth and success.

With external recruitment budgets getting smaller and demands of ‘speed to hire’ getting tighter, having a reliable recruitment partner has never been more critical. HR Leaders and Talent Acquisition teams' need recruiters who ‘get’ them and deliver candidates with speed and quality consistently time and time again.
This is where PRTR leads the way.


Fee on Success

With a 'fee on success' pricing model, our clients have the flexibility to use us as and when their needs arise. We can be the perfect back up plan should you need us in emergencies, equally as strategic business partness we can take full responsibility for hiring the entire workforce of a new business unit.


Large Database

With over 100 consultants in this space, we interview over 200 new candidates every week accumulating into an active database of over 300,000 candidates, our experts can help you hire the best talend in Thailand faster than anyone else.

To learn more about our Database Recruitment services and process please contact us today. 

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