Executive Recruitment

Due to economic globalization, business has become more complex and sophisticated. Get it right and the cost to benefit ratio goes through the roof. Get it wrong and the cost of a bad hire will run into millions of baht.

PRTR Executive’s recruitment service is perfectly suited for companies that have a hiring requirement that is deemed to be a critical hire, highly confidential or where the talent pool is extremely specific and in low supply.

PRTR Executive Recruitment’s core business is identifying and assessing outstanding executives and recruiting them into senior leadership roles in Thailand. We are retained to work for a diverse group of select clients and  form close partnerships with our clients in order to understand the nature of their business and their business goals. We are then in the best position to recruit an individual with the right competencies and experience to meet our clients’ specific leadership needs.

  • We have  enjoyed a 96% placement success rate on all retained searches  since 2010.
  • 68% of our clients are multi-national companies.
  • 64% of our revenue has come from existing clients since 2010.


  1. Participate in contractual negotiations
  2. Conduct reference check of preferred candidates
  3. Present short list of candidates
  4. Start recruitment process and conduct in-depth interview
  5. Propose recruitment solutions Agree  firm timeline
  6. Ensure demand matches with supply
  7. Establish requirement and business needs
  8. Meet with Client (decision maker)


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