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Skills requirement for employee in production line in the era of Industrial 4.0

Many people may misunderstand that job positions in the industrial line will decline (by the replacement of technology). In fact, job positions required in this field still increase, but the capability and skills required have changed from before. The skills required are skills that robots or technology cannot perform. According to The World Economic Forum (WEF), WEF reports that skills that general labor market would require in the future are such as, skill in solving complex problems, analytical skill, innovative skill, human management skill, cooperative skill, Emotional Intelligence, evaluation and decision-making skill, negotiation skill, emotional flexibility, and communication ability. Organizations thus require employee with skills that are consistent with the era of Industrial 4.0, which results in the usage of recruitment company, to play a role in lessening burden in recruiting employees for organizations, and helps employer finding the right employees.

Recruiting employees in the industrial field is not a difficult task anymore

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