Jan 20

Luck Dendee



One of the PRTR’s founding group, Khun Luck Dendee established PRTR in August 1993. The ambition was to break the stereotype of all recruitment companies being small due to the owner’s obsession with the short term and their reluctance to pass on responsibility and rewards. The company was originally established as P.R. Recruitment and Business Management Co., Ltd and was a recruitment company. Between 1993 and 1995 PRTR went through a long learning curve that saw several management changes and a slow and consistent growth fueled by hard work and a booming economy. In 1996 PRTR introduced a company called Technical Recruitment or TR which as the name suggests was to concentrate on Technical Recruitment. However, in 1997 with the collapse of the Thai Baht and the Thai economy we joined PR with TR to gain economies of scale and PRTR was born. Between 1997 and 2000 PRTR decided to refocus its business to concentrate on outsourcing of staff and services as an addition to our recruitment services. This process took 7 years to establish as a profitable business and has provided PRTR with a part of its business that typically thrives in a poor economy and therefore provides a strategic balance to the more economy affected recruitment business. This in turn has allowed PRTR to expand beyond the normal size of most recruitment companies and has allowed a fundamental security to all businesses within the PRTR Group during good and bad economic times.