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PRTR Welcomed Banana Investment and Shared Our Business Vision

PRTR Group PCL (PRTR) were thrilled to host a group of investors from Banana Investment for a company visit at our headquarters.

Our leadership team, including CEO, Ms. Risara Charoenpanich, CFO,  Mr. Teeraphat Petporee, and SVP & Head of Investor Relations, Ms. Narita Adulkaewphaluek, presented our promising business direction for 2024 and beyond.

Our Vision for 2027: Leading Total HR Solutions in Thailand

During the visit, we unveiled our ambitious goals for the future. PRTR aspires to become the leading Total HR Solutions provider in Thailand by 2027. We aim to capture the number one market share in the Outsource and Recruitment businesses, solidifying our position as a growth leader within the HR industry.

Solid Foundation Fuels Projected Growth in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, PRTR projects a strong performance with a projected revenue growth of 10-15%. This positive outlook is driven by the continued success of our core businesses: Outsource and Recruitment. Additionally, our focus on effective financial management further strengthens this projected growth.

The Strength of Our Core Businesses

Outsourcing Services: PRTR’s Outsource business caters to diverse industries, from banking and finance to retail and consumer goods. We boast a robust recurring revenue stream with over 95% of our revenue coming from long-term contracts. This highlights our commitment to building strong and consistent client relationships.

Recruitment Services: Providing executive search and mass recruitment services across Thailand and beyond, PRTR’s Recruitment business also thrives. We maintain a high gross margin of around 62-65%, showcasing our efficiency and profitability in this sector.

Investing in the Future: PRTR’s New Ventures

We understand the importance of future-proofing our business. As such, we have invested in three growing ventures:
BLACKSMITH: An online and offline training platform aiming to empower individuals with relevant skillsets.
PINNO: A human capital management software provider dedicated to streamlining HR processes for businesses.
NEXMOVE: An online job platform connecting talented individuals with potential employers, facilitating a seamless recruitment experience.

These new ventures demonstrate PRTR’s commitment to innovation and diversification, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the HR industry.

Expanding Our Horizons: PRTR’s Global Reach

PRTR’s vision extends beyond Thailand’s borders. We have successfully established a presence in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, focusing on the Southeast Asian market. This global expansion signifies our intention to become a major HR solutions provider in the region.
A Promising Future for PRTR

PRTR stands as a well-managed company with consistent growth and a clear focus on the future. Our strong foundation in core businesses, coupled with strategic investments in new ventures, positions PRTR perfectly to capitalize on the growing demand for HR solutions in Thailand and the Southeast Asian region.

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