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PRTR outsourcing services is designed to help our clients to achieve cost savings in all areas of HR and having more time to focus on their core business.

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Human Resources Outsourcing

If HR is not your fields, Better to focus on your core business while PRTR ensures that all HR related work is performed in line with the rules and regulations stipulated within the Thai Labor Laws.

HR outsourcing is designed to help our clients to achieve cost savings in all areas of HR and improve the efficiency of both their HR management and HR development functions. We provide project based or one off HR services that include:

Performance Evaluation

Compensation And Benefits Analysis

Change Management

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

We focus on providing our clients with practical advice from our experts, which in turn helps our clients to implement and execute an effective HR strategy.

Staff Outsourcing

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Staff outsourcing services allow our clients to match their hiring needs to business demands without the legal, branding and financial risks of employing full time staff.

PRTR combines the expertise of our recruitment teams with our payroll and HR outsourcing services teams to achieve a complete Outsourcing Staff solution. We are designed for clients who typically experience the following issues:

  • High staff turnover
  • Overload in HR administration tasks
  • Being too busy at payroll time
  • Have difficulty meeting Thai labor law
  • Have a limited permanent headcount
  • Have seasonal staff fluctuations
  • Have manufacturing and sale demand fluctuations

PC Management

This allows our clients to increase the productivity and efficiency of their sales channel with less operational risks and HR costs. PC and Sales Team Management. This is a sub section of our BPO service and directly addresses the demand of our clients specifically related to product consultants (PCs) in retail, and field sales in various industries.

PRTR’s PC / Sales Team Management service directly addresses the need of our clients to add an increasing level of value to their outsourcing, specifically by combining the outsourcing of the sales performance management and recruitment with the HR project management of large and ongoing sales forces. This allows our clients to increase the efficiency of their sales channel.

We take responsibility for hitting pre-agreed sales targets. We currently manage sales forces for cosmetic products, medical products, construction products and consumer electronics products.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As an alternative to more traditional recruitment services, many clients today are looking for more bang for their buck. More understanding, more commitment, more value add and better quality. Our RPO service provides just that, a more strategic service offering to help and support you execute your Talent Management Strategy.

We have specialist teams of recruitment consultants and managers centrally or onsite, working to your performance metrics to achieve your goals. This could be reducing your operational costs, improving quality and efficiency, eliminating complexity or risk, or simply predicting future needs before it happen.

We offer full or partial RPO solutions in the following areas:

Screen and select

Background check

Salary negotiation


Specialist sourcing

Talent benchmarking

Workforce planning

Talent analytics

Business Process Outsourcing

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BPO solutions from PRTR allow our clients to focus on the areas they’re best and ultimately making our customers happy. We help you manage areas of the business that are equally important yet less rewarding. We provide operational excellence to core and non-core areas designed to reduce operational costs, improve performance, department efficiency and ultimately impact top and bottom line growth. Compared to an in-house team, we have over 100 specialist sales and operational experts and can deliver through economies of scale.

Business Process Outsourcing Services were introduced in 2006 and developed due to the demand of our clients for non-core business process outsourcing.

PRTR works with local and multi-national companies in understanding theirbusiness requirements, identifying areas that can be outsourced, developing processes to fulfill these requirements and then taking responsibility for the day to day operation. The benefits to our clients are as follows:

  • Cost saving by lowering capital and labour costs.
  • Improvement in performance resulting from PRTR’s experience and expertise.
  • Improvement in performance resulting from the client having more time to focus on their core business.
  • Flexibility to expand their business.


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