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The Blacksmith
Corporate Training

The integrated learning services that makes a change to an employee’s life, leading to success of the organization.



The Blacksmith is the fruit of PRTR’s 3-decades-long experience in being a professional HR service provider.

After seeking, talking to, and observing hundreds of thousands of candidates, and receiving thousands of clients’ inquiries, we see the commonalities of the two parties – the need to be better at what they are doing and succeed. Whether it’s the candidate or corporation, they pursue the same thing: knowledge

Hence, the Blacksmith emerges to be the integrated training services. We offer onsite training as well as ultimate Learning Management System (LMS) that speaks to learners of all positions. We emphasize developing and curating a variety of training courses “for anyone who seeks any job skill to perform best in any role.

Human Beings Possess The Ability to

Learn & Improve

We believe that human beings possess the ability to learn and improve. We all have, within us, what it takes to become better better versions of ourselves.

We keep it at heart that people’s intelligence and ability to learn new things is what keeps the world changing for the better. The same goes for a company. If you want to achieve greatness, upskill your people

We also believe that the workforce of any role, even those in positions that seem to play a small part, can make a difference and cause a significant impact on the company’s success or failure. Therefore, everyone equally matters and deserves proper professional development.

Thrive For Real


Better Workforce
For Better Business

We bring out hidden potential through
learning, making people become better
versions of themselves.

Better Learning

We seek and partner with professional instructors from various fields of expertise so that everyone can learn the essentials for their career development.

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