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PRTR leverages a variety of cutting-edge HR technologies to streamline processes, automate tasks, and empower our team to deliver exceptional service. This not only reduces costs and boosts efficiency, but allows us to focus on what matters most: your success. 

Pinno Solutions
HR App

An all-in-one HR application that helps businesses streamline their HR processes, manage their employees more effectively, and connect with their employees. With Pinno, businesses can easily handle:

Employee Profile Management

Employee Profile Management: Easily store and manage employee data

Time Management

Manage employee work hours with support for a variety of time-in and time-out methods

Payroll Automation

Reduce the complexity of calculating shift and overtime pay.

Benefit Management

Create a custom claim system and make it easier to submit and process claims.

Performance Management

Track employees’ performance and progress towards goals with an easy-to-use system.

The HR Solutions

PRTR Connect is our own developed, cloud-based time and attendance management system to stengthen our outsourcing and payroll services. It helps businesses save time and money handling payroll tasks, improve accuracy, and connect people.

PRTR uses Peoplesoft’s Workforce Administrator and Global Payroll modules to automate and streamline our payroll services, ensuring accurate and timely payments to client’s employees.


Manage workforce data, including employee profiles, compensation, tax, and benefits.


Automate tasks such as generate employment contract and reports on workforce data.


Automate payroll process to ensure accurate and timely payment.


Calculate wages and deductions, generate payslips, and file payroll taxes.


A new platform that growing it’s database rapidly due to LINE integration. This helps businesses find qualified candidates for specific roles in the PC, warehouse, driver, manufacturing, office, and hospitality industries.

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