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Career resolution; a first step to goal achievement

Are you one of those people who sets career goals and resolutions every new year, tries to achieve them but always gives up halfway through?

That is maybe because sometimes we are determined on the results, too much so that we barely look at the process. When our focal point is in the big picture, it makes the finish line farfetched (and feels a bit impossible), we tend to lose interest, energy to keep trying and eventually break it all off.

So next year, if you already have a new resolution (or thinking about a do-over), pick one that is most important to you, cut it short step-by-step, pay close attention to each process, add a checkpoint and enjoy the little success more.

In the long run, it is a small thing along the way that fuels our confidence, perseverance, drives tangible progress and helps us move forward closer to the success we aim for.

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