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PRTR Executive Presents: “Meet the Team” – Baphada Virotsailee

PRTR Executive is Thailand’s leading executive recruitment company and has a team of vibrant recruiters who have a passion for identifying talent. The team consists of business managers, recruitment consultants, and researchers who deliver great candidates to global companies across multiple industries. Whether it be advising a candidate on their next career move or sitting with a client analyzing a candidate’s leadership potential, the PRTR Executive team always work hard to provide a quality service and value added solution.It’s always nice to put a face to a name, so PRTR Executive would like to introduce some of its team members in our new feature “Meet the Team”.In this episode we would like to introduce to you Baphada (Pu) Virotsailee, who has been with PRTR Executive for over 2 years and was promoted to a leadership role in May 2014. We sat down with Pu and asked her a few questions about what it is she does, her background, and what makes her successful.

I: Hi Pu, what is it you do at PRTR Executive?

P: Sawadee ka, I hold the position of Recruitment Manager, specializing in recruiting 1st tier manager to senior management level for large MNC’s and Thai such as Regional Sales Manager, Country IT Manager, Corporate Communication Manager, Financial Controller, Procurement and Supply Chain Director in various industries (Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Insurance, Retail and FMCG) within Thailand, with salaries ranging between 100k – 200k.

I: What does a typical working day look like for you?

P: My day generally consists of a lot of searching, interviewing, meeting with clients and coaching my team. It is fun and always challenging and dynamic with a lot of new things to learn. I can say that my job is never boring!

I: What is it that motivates you to do what you do?

P: Mainly to successfully manage my team and achieve set targets. It is also great to earn the acceptance and respect of your team as a team leader. I am also motivated to work in a company where teamwork is a central part of a successful operation. At PRTR Executive everyone always helps each other, we can share ideas yet we are still in a competitive environment. Finally my career is important to me and I have had a promotion to a managerial role within 2 years.

I: Can you tell us a bit more about your background?

P: I studied at Srinakharinwirot University, majoring in Children’s Literature. The best part of my study was the interaction with children we got during various activities. The university life was great, and I was part of many university camp and sports activities which gave me opportunities to work with people both on and off campus.

I: What mentors have guided you along the way?

P: One of my teachers in University. She was well loved by all students as she understood teenagers and was open to discussing any subject. We connected easily because of our similar backgrounds and were able to talk about subjects that varied in my personal life such as love and career!

I: Describe your perfect holiday destination and why?

P: I would be happy to stay for 1 or 2 weeks at a nice resort in the Maldives with my family or friends. I like a real relaxing vacation to enjoy the nice views, so no walking around and adventure for me! Vacation is really a time to relax and ‘recharge my batteries’.

I: If you could have one ‘super power’ what would it be and why?

P: I want to “stay young forever” because I don’t want to pay for botox or any surgery (hahaha). I’m afraid of it and I want to keep money for my parents, travel or shopping!!!

I: Tell us one interesting thing about yourself that we cannot see from looking at your LinkedIn profile?

P: I can play the Chinese Cymbalo but please don’t ask me to play it!

I: And finally…. Why do your clients enjoy working with you?

P: Two things really, one I am always fully committed to my clients. And the second is I do not “over-promise”. Making false promises will get you nowhere. If I make a promise I keep it.

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