Develop Your People, To Develop Organisation

Innovate HR services for the well-being of life and society.

Our Culture

At PRTR, we abide by the concept of human development for organizational development in order to achieve our ultimate goal of delivering the best value to our customers and business partners in line with the following principles.

Can-Do Attitude

Using a positive and “Can-Do” attitude to seize the moment and realize the opportunity. Think of obstacles as challenges then strive for success.


Have responsibility and good conscience with awareness of the organization’s overall results with honesty and ethical standards.


To cooperate and support each other by sharing ideas and listening. In order to create and expand success.

Customer Centric

Being service minded. Emphasizing and adhering to the customer’s success is the first priority.

Learning and Development

Open mind to learn new things. Continuous self improvement with modern knowledge and skill set.

Our Belief

At PRTR, we value people as a first priority. We believe that “people” are the key to success (People Are Key) in all aspects, especially in terms of operating a business that requires important people skills such as leadership and creativity skills, including various soft skills that can make a business and organization successful. This means that Human Resources Development is therefore one of our main priorities.

We recognize the importance of human resource development. Especially in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution era where technology has played an important role in how to conduct business.  “People” in the organization must develop themselves continuously.

With our long-term knowledge and experience of management within this industry, we truly understand all of the required components and aspects of Human Resource Management. Not only the key factors that organizations and businesses require to succeed, but also the in-depth dynamics associated with the personalities and behaviors of a diverse workforce which is suitable for engagement across a multitude of roles, and also the cultural requirements of an organization.

We firmly believe in our ability

To help drive the continued growth of the Thai economy, and the benefits of improving the quality of life through the development of “people”, and ultimately contributing to the overall enhancement of society at a national, regional and global level.